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  • Welcome to Bonsai Etc. On this online site, we constantly add new catalogs and products. During this year, we have developed many new and exciting items that change continuously, but still keep the traditional sense of bonsai. I hope you enjoy shopping with us. We have large selections on seedlings, big and small quality bonsai, and other resources. Feel free to CONTACT US if you have any questions. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
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  • Our Products: the strong point of this site is that it will not only promote your bonsai interests, but will also allow you to shop in a truly convenient manner. Bonsai is indeed a major resource on the varieties that can be added to your bonsai collection. We carry bonsai trees of all types: pre bonsai and old quality bonsai trees, big and small, young and old bonsai trees, or tiny ones, beginner's and quality bonsai trees, shaped and styled bonsai trees, developing and finished bonsai trees, etc.
  • Big or Small bonsai trees, old quality bonsai trees or starting and mini bonsai trees (include mame and shohin bonsai), you find them here - provides you with everything you will ever need to begin and continue the journey of bonsai hobby, to start your first bonsai tree (big or small bonsai tree) or to know about how to create a quality bonsai tree or to cultivate for an old quality bonsai tree and to find many new and exotic bonsai materials.

    Our commitment to bring you quality old bonsai trees and products does not end after your purchase. We will teach you how to sustain your old bonsai tree and create your own bonsai using up-to-date internet technology and advanced video and multimedia capabilities. We have built the number one online small bonsai resource,, that guarantees a truly convenient, enjoyable, and economically smart experience.

    As a new and improved interactive media bonsai website, provides you with everything you will ever need to know about good quality bonsai trees and/or related topics, and to find many new and exotic small old quality bonsai tree materials. We have committed ourselves to appreciating old bonsai trees as the traditional form of art it is. The inherent beauty of nature is something to be cherished, and can be found in the amazing individuality of every old bonsai tree. We would like to share this sensibility and our enthusiasm for preserving nature's wonders with you through the hobby of Bonsai. We not only appreciate the listed products as a form of art, gift and collection, and as a hobby, but we also have a personal interest in the items we offer. This site is a non-intimidating place where you can jumpstart your journey into the world of small old quality bonsai trees. You will be proficient in no time.

    For those of you who are a bit further along, this site is sure to provide you with more quality bonsai pictures, tools, and information that help you hone your bonsai shaping and developing skills.

    So, kick up your feet and have fun.